The psychological, hysiological & neurological benefits of laughter are immense. Enhanced mood and social connection, immune system and cardiovascular health improvement, endorphin release and decrease in stress hormones, physical pain, anxiety and depression symptoms, lower pain levels are only a few of the ways that laughter heals.

At Clinical Comedy, we know firsthand that laughter truly is among the best medicines when it comes to treating addiction, depression and other mental health conditions. This is why we bring inpatient comedy shows and workshops to treatment centers around the country.

Our unique Comedy Therapy approach offers classes and workshops that combine evidence-based therapeutic modalities and fundamentals of expressive arts therapy to enhance confidence, self-esteem, and resilience for clients in treatment for substance use and other mental health disoders.


Comedy + Therapy

We bring humor and healing to hospitals, outpatient and residential programs offering behavioral, mental health and substance use treatment.